Investigation Notes Slots Less Concerned

Investigation Notes Slots Less Concerned

In a recent survey conducted informally on the Internet, a number of people were examined with regard to what they thought was going with the current federal government cracked down on gambling and more specifically online gambling. There were a number of interesting aspects of the story, not least of which was the answer that many people felt that slot machines were ignored in the current crackdown on online gambling in the United States. While there is only circumstantial evidence to actually verify this claim as true, the reserves, however, raises a number of interesting questions regarding the rationale on the part of the government for going after online gambling in the specific way they have chosen to do so.

Already it has been informed that under the current crackdown that is going on, many of the ministries have chosen to ignore the direct rates made over a person’s mobile phone. Since that efforts can only go on, because the phone connection to the slots online internet to get made their bets, this particular decision was strongly rejected as a hypocritical action on part of a government that would like to protect what it likes and punish what it does not like, which would be fine, except that the government had made a democratic decision in this area, but rather have gone ahead without the consent of the people and started this crackdown by itself.

So the government already looks hypocritical on this measure because they leave cell phones alone, but if it is suddenly revealed that they leave the slot machines and only then one would seriously question the legitimacy of the overall effort they put forward. When two such obvious gaps left wide open, normally an agenda at a time.

Another interesting thing that the survey found out was that public opinion seems to be much more firmly behind pro online gambling camp, than it has ever been before. Usually people seem to disagree wildly on the issue and this can lead to verbal compete like abortion, same-sex marriage or any of  slots history the other hot-button issues on the current day. But this study shows that show that the public is tired of the government’s actions and therefore has moved towards supporting the legalization and subsequent regulation.

Online gambling industry, perhaps because they feel that getting tax money would be a very good thing indeed for a government that could run a zillion dollar deficit this year. This survey is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination, but it was run by a non-gambling site that has usually run surveys of more anti-gambling than pro-gambling sentiment in them. Assuming that since the website and the viewer-ship is the same that the bias cancel out, it’s a very dramatic shift actually

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