‘The Slot Card Price Guide’ By Pat Lamb and Steve Wells – Book Review

‘The Slot Card Price Guide’ By Pat Lamb and Steve Wells – Book Review

The hobby of collecting casino slot machine cards and player’s club cards has proven over the past twenty years to be a fun and inexpensive hobby. According to The Slot Card Price Guide the first idea of slot cards, which are the size of a standard credit card, was suggested by an executive at the Sands casino in Atlantic City.  paypal casino The Sands itself issued their first cards in 1982, and a collective from that first issuance, a blue and yellow card with a sunburst, is now worth $250. The Eighth Edition of The Slot Card Price Guide lists over 10,000 collectible cards and their values.

High Points

A huge reference for 12,400 world-wide casino cards

Large 8×11 coil-bound edition

Simple Table of Contents and a full Index

Each card listed with issue number, description, rarity and value

Low Points

No pictures – but with 12,400 entries this would be impossible

Very little about the hobby or casinos, strictly a card reference guide

Cost – this is a $45 hard copy book


The Slot Card Price Guide is a large, 8×11 reference guide for slot cards. This is the eighth edition and edited by Robert Baker.

Guide Review – ‘The Slot Card Price Guide’ Edited by Robert Baker – Book Review

The latest edition of The Slot Card Price Guide lists 12,400 different slot cards and their values. Because the coil-bound book is 280 8×11 pages, their simply isn’t room for photos, but a description of each card is provided. There is very little fanfare or hobby-collecting advice or pretense in this book. The reader is expected to already be an enthusiast, and a simple three page introduction to what’s included and how to use the book precedes the table of contents.

That said, the book is split into two major parts, starting with Nevada casinos. Other casino states follow with Riverboat states, multi-property cards and distributor cards. The second part of the book starts with states with Indian casinos and includes racetracks, card clubs, cruise chips and foreign casinos. The full index makes it very easy to find particular casinos.

Each listing provides the casino, slot club opening date, edition number, manufacture information, rarity and a price. If you are looking for casino history or stories, this isn’t it. This is an easy to use reference for thousands and thousands of casino club cards – and it is the only book of its type available.

The price for this huge edition is $45, but there is also an electronic copy on CD that includes Word and PDF files that make a very easy to use ebook. It runs on listautuneet aktiivisesti pörssiin for just $25.

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