The ultimate roulette killer is 15-page e-book betting system sold online. According to the author the system is designed for both online and land-based casino roulette games.

High Points

Well, you may be able to buy this for as little as 99-cents.

Low Points

The ultimate roulette killer is a common variety roulette betting system repackaged for online consumption. It’s merits are few.

What’s Inside

The ultimate roulette killer is a common variety roulette system repackaged for online consumption. It’s merits are few, resembling the doubling up system that Charles Wells used 100 years ago to defraud dozens of investors after a streak of luck at the wheels in Monte Carlo.

If you play roulette or dream of finding a great system to beat the game, well, dream on. In truth, there is no way to overcome the casino’s built-in house edge. The house has an edge over the player at any casino game (blackjack card counting excepted) because it pays off bets at a mathematically arrived at formula of less than the actual odds of an outcome occurring. Pretty simple. However, betting systems are fun, and can be successful at “some” times.

The ultimate roulette killer’s advertising says it will “crack the wheel using probability and chaos theory to create a system that’s designed to eliminate the house advantage.”

Where’s the Chaos Theory?

All right, there isn’t any chaos theory in this system, and it’s no more special than any other roulette system. The author spends ten pages making claims about roulette, about finding biased wheels and how the “system” was developed, then sends the reader to the casino to make bets on high/low and red/black combination’s after three consecutive non-high/low or red/black spins.

Unfortunately there is nothing new here, not even anything fun and interesting. No new system, nothing more than a simple Martingale, except that the author does not suggest betting progressively until you win. The author suggests trying two bets and then “if you lose, bet one more time – you will most likely win.” Sorry, no magic here.